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How does parent balance working from home and taking care of their children?

How to make your children sleep better in different situations?

Does your child refuse to go potty? Here are the answers how parents start to train your little one.

Welcome to Early Age Care's channel. FOLLOW us to learn about the skills of how to develop children's potential. Our channel is about to show you activities, children music, songs, fun games, arts, crafts as well as books. We will provide developmentally appropriate, best practice tips for parents and educators. There will be parents, educators to share their experiences.  

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"As long as there is trust," june said, "the positive impact of change is always achievable."
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Early Age Care Inc. is committed to providing loving and safe care of 0-5 years old children with our home daycare in South San Jose, California.
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Individuals are invited to strongly commit to genuine and substantial duty supervised by Early Age Care, Inc. Email your civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons for volunteering to 206-349-9623. You will be contacted for an interview within 1 to 3 business days.
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